Girls und Panzer Das Film: What are my opinions on it?

GIRLS UND PANZER DAS FILM: WHAT ARE MY OPINIONS ON IT? Introduction If you didn't know, Girls und Panzer is one of if not my favorite anime of all time. I don't know if it's the anime tank fights or the mix of historical vehicles/ uniforms and anime but it's enjoyable for anyone. My favorite team by far is Anzio and the best Character is Anchovy, DUCE! The film follows the underdog story of the Ooari girl's academy going face to face with a university to the team to keep their school. Along with the school's 5 tank teams, they are accompanied by a mishmash of tanks from st Gloriana, Sanders, Pravada, chi-ha-tan, Kuromorimine, and Jatkosota high school. with this team, Ooari must beat the All-stars Univesity team in an inhalation match, which means the team wins the last tank. With their brilliant plan called "punchy punch," the Ooari girl's academy managed to beat the university and reclaim their school. My Opinions With the combination of war and

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Figuarts mini Asuka Langley Review

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Figuarts mini Asuka Langley Review This is the Figuarts mini-series Shikinami Asuka Langley manufactured by Bandi Namco last year. It was released sometime in late 2020 and is made of PVC and currently goes for 1 760 yen or about $30. It is from the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, specifically the newer remake if it wasn't already obvious. the model has two sets of arms which can be morphed into different poses as seen here. I really love the colours used in this figure and the design put onto Asuka's plugsuit. I read that each model may vary as certain parts are hand-painted which makes this figure special. The hair is a magnificent colour and looks very texturally pleasing. We also cannot forget the eye patch and that one beautifully sea blue eye that perfectly partners with her sweet smile. Overall I think this is such a great figure and was worth every dollar and is a great thing for anybody's collection. I'm glad I got this figure now whil


JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE: My Top 3 Characters e JoJo 's Bizarre Adventure is one of the greatest Anime series ever produced, Written by Hirohiko Araki and brought to our screens by David Productions. Over 30 years, the series has managed to have an anime series (OVA), phantom blood film, and now the 'JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE Anime series from 2012 - present. With a collective of 5 anime adapted parts, here is my opinion on who the top 3 best characters are. Number 3. Robert E . O Speed Wagon How can you make a characters list without including our favorite waifu Robert  E. O.  Speedwagon.  Makes his first appearance in Phantom Blood and is last seen in Battle Tendency when he sadly dies at the age of 89 due to a heart attack? Throughout his life, he makes it a mission to help Jonathon defeat Dio and, once Jonathon passes, to protect Erina and the following Joestar's. Although he may have started as your ordinary 1800s street rat, his life soon changes after he is in